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Following are the major phases of `Product Lifecycle
Management (PLM) process that we follow in our product
development cycle.

1. Concept generation: Product is conceptualized based
on the consumer market research, target group, project
investment cost and the result of SWOT analysis done.
2. Concept screening: Various concepts are made and
submitted to discuss about its own merits & demerits.
Unsound concepts are eliminated in this stage.
3. 3D Modeling: Based on the concept selected, CAD
modeling is done with help of advanced 3D modeling
4. Photorealistic rendering: Visual effects are applied
on the 3D model with help of advanced graphical
software to see how it looks as an end product.
5. Prototype development: Once the soft model is
approved, physical model is made with the help of latest
technology of ‘Rapid Prototyping’ by SLA or CNC.
6. Product & Process validation: Product is validated
thru QA tools like FMEA & DFMA to ensure the design is
optimized to deliver its best performance & productivity.
7. Engineering detailing: Each part is detailed and
necessary GD & T is applied over the drawing to go for
tooling and/or manufacturing process directly.
8. Tool development: The necessary CAD data files are
submitted to our clients to go for tool cutting with the
help of CNC machining process.
9. Engineering Change: If your product needs any
engineering change (ECN & ECO), it will be done with
careful study with help of analysis tools like FMEA & FTA.

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